ภูเก็ต บอดี้ วอช ออแกนิค เจลอาบน้ำ


Ultra mild – pH Balanced – Paraben Free – Aloe Vera Organic
Shower Gel with Natural Extract (Mangosteen Extract)
The light pink-purple cleansing gel that creates relaxing while bathing. Rich in natural and organic ingredients with a mild aroma of tropical flowers. Deeply cleans and purifies skin. Gentle and easily rinsed off. Skin feels soft velvety smooth and moisturized.
Thai FDA Notification Number: 10-1-6010015120

PHUKET BODY WASH ORGANIC is a gentle and effective body wash which uses nature’s most powerful cleansing agents. You’ll get a cleansing experience which is powerful and gentle, with no harsh soaps or chemicals to strip your skin of its natural protective oils. This deeply penetrating body wash has been formulated with a proprietary blend of bioactive, natural organic ingredients, including pure organic Aloe Vera, and. Ideal for normal to oily skin, blemishes and problem skin at any age, this mild antibacterial cleanser leaves the skin fresh and balanced.

Phuket has been named as “Pearl of the Andaman Sea”, the paradise island, in the south of Thailand, with a famous of a soft white silky sand beach as well as a clear turquoise sea, beautiful water edge to the horizon seascapes. It is a dream destination where you can be blissful with the scenery around the island along with the charming of heritage buildings along the way in downtown and the beautiful beaches around the island. It is the most wonderful place for a pleasant relaxing and delightful atmosphere …… as same as a PHUKET BODY-FACIAL WASH ORGANIC which is rich with unique natural extracts and a pleasant fresh aroma. Deliver healthy clean, soft, smooth skin and blissfulness to you. The skin looks youthful and radiant ….like “the pearl of the Andaman”.